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Oils for cars

Oils for cars

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Liqui Moly Viscoplus for Oil-300mlDESCRIPTIONReduces oil consumption and improves compression through optimally flexible sealing. Stabilizes the motor oil and provides ideal oil pressure. Reduces engine noise build-up and ensures outstanding lubricating film stability.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONApplication : Can contents (300 ml) are sufficient for..


Mannol 8209 OEM for Hyundai Kia Mitsubishi ATF SP-III 1LDescriptionMannol 8209 OEM for Hyundai Kia Mitsubishi ATF SP-III is a multigrade oil of the highest quality, developed for use in automatic transmissions of Mitsubishi, Kia, Hyundai cars for which automakers prescribe the use of ATF SP-III fluids...


Mannol ATF AG55 1LMannol ATF AG55 is a multifunctional ATF for use in modern 6-speed automatic transmission in cars and commercial vehicles. Meets the requirements of the most common specifications of european car manufacturers. Provides an excellent low-temperature switching behavior, stable high friction level and best wear protective properties ..


Mannol ATF WS Automatic SpecialMannol ATF WS Automatic Special is a special synthetic hydraulic liquid for Toyota transmissions with the control of speeds slide. Thoroughly selected additives and synthetic components provide the best friction properties when gear changing, perfect low-temperature properties, high antioxygenic and chemical stability..


MANNOL Dexron III Automatic Plus 1LCorresponds with requirements / specifications / products:GM DEXRON III H/G/FFORD MERCON VFORD M2C138-CJ/M2C166-HZF TE-ML 09/11/14MB 236.1VOITH G.607ALLISON C4/TES 389CATERPILLAR TO-2PSF applicationsMannol Dexron III Automatic Plus is a high-quality transmission fluid for automatic transmissions, hydro-steering, t..


Mannol Dexron VIMannol Dexron VI is a supreme performance automatic transmission fluid specially developed for General Motors vehicles. This fluid is formulated with exceptional quality base fluids and advanced additive technology to provide outstanding oxidation resistance, friction durability, wear protection and shear stability. Enhanced foam co..


MANNOL FWD Getriebeoel 75W-85 API GL 4MANNOL FWD 75W85 GL4 Getriebeoel is a unique semi-synthetic multigrade transmission oil (Front Wheel Drive) providing safe and accurate functioning of manual gearboxes and gear differentials with front-end drives at wide-ranging temperatures: from -45 ºC to +45 °C. Has perfect low-temperature properties and hig..


Mannol G11 Coolant 5LProduct descriptionMannol Coolant G11 is specially designed for use all year round in modern aluminum and copper cooling systems, based on ethylene glycol. Protects against corrosion and scaling. No foam, neutral for rubber and plastic parts of the cooling system. Mannol Coolant G11 protected against freezing of the coolin..


Mannol G12 Plus Coolant 5LProduct descriptionMannol Coolant G12 + is specially designed to be used all year round in modern aluminum and copper cooling systems. It protects against corrosion and does not cause foam. Mannol Coolant G12 + protected against freezing of the cooling system to temperatures -30 ° C ASTM D3306 / D4985&n..


Mannol O.E.M CVT 8216Synthetically-based transmission oil for automatic transmissions with variable speed. Special additives reduce energy loss due to friction, remove heat from rubbing surfaces, thus preventing them from wear-out.Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:MAZDA CVT FLUID JWS 3320HYUNDAI/KIA SP-IIIVAG G 052-180 (TL 5..


Mannol O.E.M. 3309 Multivehicle JWSUniversal automatic transmission oil for many passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as well as the most automatic transmissions from Asian manufacturers. Improved friction characteristics ensure smooth shifting and excellent shifting comfort at low temperatures. Corresponds with requirements / spe..


MANNOL Universal Getriebeoel 80W-90 API GL4Universal 80W90 GL-4 is a multipurpose high quality transmission oil for manual gearboxes, lock units and driving axle functioning at medium and high loads. Provides perfect lubrication and anti-corrosion protection.Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:SAE 80W-90API GL 4MIL-L 2105Capac..

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Mobil 1 Excellent Wear Protection 5W-50 4LIs made from a patented blend of high-performance base oils reinforced with a precisely balanced component system.Provides excellent wear protection and suede lubrication throughout the oil change intervalProvides quick protection for less engine wear and helps prevent deposits, even under extreme driving c..


Motul ATF VIThe Motul ATF VI is a modern automatic transmission fluid (ATF) especially designed for the requirements of GM Dexos VI and Ford Mercon LV. Because of the current approvals, the Motul ATF VI is suitable for modern automatic transmission fluids, power steerings and gear boxes. Because of the modern additive technology, the Motul VI ..


Shell Engine Oil HX5 15W-50 1LPremium multigrade motor oil – Helps to remove sludge from dirty engines.High viscosity to help reduce leaks in older, high-mileage enginesFor gasoline, diesel and gas engines; also suitable for biodiesel and gasoline/ethanol blendsSpecifications : API SL/CF; ACEA A2/B2..

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