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Brand: FIT Model: FIT-2C-30A
FIT Air Compressor Double Cylinder2 Cylinder.DC 12 V .Cigarette Lighter Converter.2M extension tube.3 Converter.1 Air Pressure GaugeLess than 2 min to blow complete car tire...
650.00LE 700.00LE
Fit car vacuum cleaner 96 watt 12 volt Fit car vacuum cleaner 96 watt 12 volt
2-3 Days
Brand: FIT Model: 2206
Description:Very easy to empty from the collected dust.Compact design for comfortable grip for any user.It is connected to the car's spark plug adapter.Wide range hood to extract more dirt.It is fit for charging in the car only...
Brand: FIT Model: Sabry stores
Description:Brand                                 FIT Body Material                Stainless Steel Usage/Application        Industrial Wo..
3,650.00LE 3,800.00LE
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