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Durmiri Heavy Duty Locking Plier C Durmiri Heavy Duty Locking Plier C
New -12 %
Brand: durmiri Model: 9911119
Description:Durmiri Heavy Duty Locking Plier C..
75.00LE 85.00LE
Durmiri Induction Tester Durmiri Induction Tester
New -10 %
Brand: durmiri Model: DM-670
Description:* Induction Tester.* Breakpoint Tester.* Alarm Test...
45.00LE 50.00LE
Durmiri Soldering Iron 100W Durmiri Soldering Iron 100W
2-3 Days
Brand: durmiri Model: Sabry stores
Description:* 3 Wire Grounded irons are ideal for professional service or light electrical work.* Iron Plated tip and stainless sttle construction offer longer life.* High quality long lasting ceramic type heater...
File Set 6 Pieces File Set 6 Pieces
New -13 %
Brand: durmiri Model: DM-0601
Description:File Set 6 Pieces..
65.00LE 75.00LE
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