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STP Complete Fuel System CleanerRemoves deposits from your entire fuel system and contains 3X the amount of cleaning agents vs. the leading premium gasoline.DEEP-CLEANS FUEL SYSTEM AND HELPSSAVE GAS BY KEEPING FUEL INTAKE SYSTEM CLEANRESTORE PERFORMANCEREMOVE DEPOSITSINHIBIT CORROSIONThis STP® formulation helps clean your entire fuel system in orde..


STP Engine FlushSTP® ENGINE FLUSHDissolves harmful sludge and depositsSTP® Engine Flush is designed to help neutralise harmful engine acids, unstick internal engine components and prevent contamination of new oil by removing contaminants left behind by ordinary draining. STP® Pulitore Motore is designed for petrol and diesel engines.DIRECTIONSAllow..


STP Fuel Injector CleanerSTP® SUPER CONCENTRATED FUEL INJECTOR CLEANERUnclogs dirty fuel injectors to restore performance.CLEANS FUEL INJECTORS TO HELPSAVE GAS BY CLEANING DIRTY FUEL INJECTORS RESTORE PERFORMANCEREMOVE DEPOSITSSTP® Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner contains concentrated detergents that help dissolve and remove harmful carbon..


STP Oil TreatmentFights friction to help protect against engine wear by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts.HELPS PROTECT AGAINST ENGINE WEARCONTAINS ZINC ANTI-WEAR AGENT ZDDPREDUCES OIL BURNINGLUBRICATES MOVING ENGINE PARTS..


STP Ultra 5-in-1 Fuel System CleanerFuel Additive formula ever madeSAVE GAS BY DEEP CLEANING THE ENTIRE FUEL SYSTEMRESTORE PEAK PERFORMANCE PREVENT ETHANOL DEPOSITSINHIBIT CORROSIONHigh-performance detergents and friction modifiers come together to form a one-source solution to help: save gas by deep cleaning the entire fuel system; restore pe..

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