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Hepu Coolant Additive G12 Antifreeze Concentrate redDescription : Antifreeze a red concentrate of G12 to - 80*C (P999) for the cooling system represents the means providing protection against freezing and corrosion for all internal combustion engines with liquid cooling with the block of cylinders from gray cast iron or an aluminum alloy confo..


Mannol G13 Coolant Antifreeze Ready-to-use 5LDescription :Mannol G13 Antifreeze is a mono-ethylene glycol based, ready-to-use antifreeze solution for use throughout the year.For any modern cooling system.Protects against corrosion and burns.It does not foam, neutral to water pipes and seals.It has a corrosion protection effect.Due to the special fo..


Valvoline MaxLife Coolant Antifreeze 50-50 5LCoolant Valvoline MaxLife Coolant AF 50/50 RTU is a unique product that provides a universal solution, eliminating any doubts due to color or chemical composition. A unique formula combines the advantages of a standard, hybrid (HOAT) and organic (OAT) formulations. As in the standard, hybrid and organic ..


Valvoline ZEREX Asian Vehicle Antifreeze Coolant ZEREX™ Asian Vehicle has been designed to meet the requirements of Asian manufacturers, which specify a silicate free HOAT formula with a phosphate additive to protect their cooling systems from rust and corrosion. Available in both red and blue formulas to better match your Asian vehicle’s spec..

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Valvoline ZEREX Dex-Cool Antifreeze Coolant ZEREX™ Dex-Cool® Antifreeze/Coolant is automaker approved for use in GM vehicles which require OAT DEX-COOL®. Meets or exceeds the following industry specifications: ASTM D3306, SAE J1034, J814, J1941, TMC of ATA RP-302B, and Federal Specification A-A-870A.Valvoline™ ZEREX™ Dex-Cool® Antifreeze/Coola..

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Valvoline ZEREX G-93 FormulaFluid Coolant Silicate-free concentrate for diesel engine radiators. It provides excellent protection against cavitation, and is recommended for MTU engines that do not require anti-freeze fluids.condensation : 25%..


Valvoline ZEREX Original Formula Antifreeze CoolantValvoline™ ZEREX™ Original Green Antifreeze / Coolant provides superior cooling system protection. Additional product benefits include:Patented low-silicate chemistry for heavy-duty applications with use of SCA.Patented corrosion inhibitor package provides rust and corrosion protectionHelps prevent..

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