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King Tony pliers 8 inch King Tony pliers 8 inch
-10 %
Brand: KING TONY Model: 6111-08
Description:Size : 8 inchIron coating with excellent bearing oresTo ease the hand covered..
180.00LE 200.00LE
King Tony Pliers Diagonal Cutters 8"  6231-08 King Tony Pliers Diagonal Cutters 8"  6231-08
-12 %
Brand: KING TONY Model: KT
King Tony Pliers Diagonal Cutters 8"  6231-08A quality set of diagonal cutting pliers made of high quality chrome vanadium alloy steel with fardened cutting jaws.Built to last this set of pliers is ideal for the tradesman that demands only the best from his toolsFeatures: 2 tone non slip comfor..
185.00LE 210.00LE
Brand: KING TONY Model: KT
King Tony Spline Long Wrench Set 5pcs.This hex key set comes with a sliding twist-lock storage case to keep the keys tidy Contents : M5 M6 M8 M10 M12NO. 20515pr01..
275.00LE 290.00LE
Brand: KING TONY Model: 20319PR
Description:9 pc. Star L - wrench set (standard type)Material - SN CM - V alloy steel: Finish Brand.Brand: king tony.Hand tools type: tool stes...
210.00LE 220.00LE
King Tony Truxer Bit T50 113 mm King Tony Truxer Bit T50 113 mm
-14 %
Brand: KING TONY Model: 9DA104
Description:King Tony Truxer Bit T50 113 mm..
120.00LE 140.00LE
Brand: KING TONY Model: 9AES3-115
DESCRIPTION:Brand: King TonyHand tools Type: WrenchesThe claw-type filter is available for removing all oil filters.frorm 2-3/8” to 4-1/2” (60-115mm) in diameter.Suitable for using with 3/8” & 1/2” square drive tool.Coated with electro-black oxide finish for protection against rust..
420.00LE 450.00LE
Lancer Hausing Key Lancer Hausing Key
Hot -18 %
Brand: Sabry Stores Model: S
Lancer Hausing Key2 Button , 3 Button..
70.00LE 85.00LE
Locking Pliers - Takayo Taiwan
-13 %
Brand: Sabry Stores Model: S
Locking Pliers - Takayo Taiwan Chromium Molybdenum  Nickel Plated and welding Heat treatment body Size : 10 inches ..
130.00LE 150.00LE
Brand: mafra Model: mafra
Description:Perfumed, anti-crack polish. Protects and restores the color to any kind of tire.Non-greasy and non-sticky. Ideal also for finishing rubber mats..
105.00LE 110.00LE
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:Removes grease, sanitises and cleans deep-down on even the most delicate kinds of fabric.The active foam helps to remove the dirt from the fibers.Renews and restores car interiors, eliminating unpleasant odors and traces of nicotine.Exceptional formula removes traces of drinks, ice cream..
105.00LE 110.00LE
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