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Mafra Black 3 Plus Mafra Black 3 Plus
Out Of Stock
Brand: mafra Model: mafra
Description:Perfumed, anti-crack polish. Protects and restores the color to any kind of tire.Non-greasy and non-sticky. Ideal also for finishing rubber mats..
Mafra Fabric Treatment 3 in 1 Mafra Fabric Treatment 3 in 1
-14 %
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:Removes grease, sanitises and cleans deep-down on even the most delicate kinds of fabric.The active foam helps to remove the dirt from the fibers.Renews and restores car interiors, eliminating unpleasant odors and traces of nicotine.Exceptional formula removes traces of drinks, ice cream..
150.00LE 175.00LE
Mafra Fast Cleaner Mafra Fast Cleaner
Out Of Stock
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:Silicone-free formula, keeps your car free of dust and fingerprints, renews color and prolongs the duration of the wax, protecting the car over time. Water repellent effect on the windows and body of the car, offering you a safer drive...
Mafra Idrostop
-10 %
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:It is a regenerating and waterproofing spray product for tissues. Its formulation (Nano-Tech Protection technologies) protects tissues from resin, accidental dirties, rain, UV rays, oil and creams...
180.00LE 200.00LE
Mafra Matur Cleaner HP12 Mafra Matur Cleaner HP12
Out Of Stock
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:HP12 is a powerful universal multi-purpose degreaser for stubborn grease, deeply cleaning and safely respecting the treated parts by avoiding any aggressive action. Suitable for any kind of surface, at home as well as in the professional sector.  HP 12 is characterized by a great ve..
Mafra Plastic Cleaner 3 In 1 Mafra Plastic Cleaner 3 In 1
Out Of Stock
Brand: mafra Model: Sabry stores
Description:The plastic details of a car, such as the dashboard, seals and fascia are particularly delicate: the micro-pores on the surfaces in fact tend to absorb dust and impurities and, as a result, age early. It cleans, revives and protects both dashboards and plastic parts. It is a mix of deter..
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