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Brand: o2 pro Model: O2PRO Dashboard Polish
Description:Protects and shines the dashboard, plastic parts, natural and artificial leather, moisturizes them, gives a silky feel and adds a layer of protection from the harmful rays of the sun.Non-oily and enriched with natural waxes and vegetable oils to further protect surfaces.The product is si..
Brand: o2 pro Model: O2PRO DEGREASER
Description:Engine cleaner to remove dirt and dust for plastic, metal and other parts, and an effective solvent for oils, grease and insect traces..
Brand: o2 pro Model: O2PRO Interior Cleaner
Description:Safely cleans leather and fabric seats, plastic parts, carpet floors and ceilings.Removes dirt, stains and traces of blood.Eliminates traces of nicotine odor, unpleasant odors and bacteria.Ensures safe hygienic cleaning and sterilization.Dilute with water from 1 to 10 according to the de..
Brand: o2 pro Model: O2PRO Shampoo
Description:* A quick cleaning and polishing shampoo for cars.* Removes the dirt layer and dissolves the residues and sediments from the surfaces.* It has a strong and dense foam.* Free of phosphates, which cause paint to fade with continued use.Dilute 1L/100L..
Brand: o2 pro Model: O2PRO Tire Polish
Description:It polishes and restores the original color of all types of tires and protects them from cracks and various weather conditions and has a non-stick nature for dust, sand and non-oily.Sprinkle the product evenly on the tires, spread with a sponge, and leave to dry.Dilute 1L/3L...
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