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Foam cleaning gun with high pressure car brush Foam cleaning gun with high pressure car brush
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Brand: voylet Model: Sabry stores
Description:Suitable for cleaning wool of car upholstery, car upholstery, dashboard, door panels, carpets, floor mats, car roof, engine deck, tire surface and wheel surface.Water saving switch, easy to control.Included with a brush for easy cleaning of narrow space.Using the new tornado bearing roto..
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Tornado Air Foam Pistol
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Brand: voylet Model: Sabry stores
Description:The foam pistol works with the air through the compressor, and the foam pistol is used to make a high density of foam for use in washing your car from the inside and outside. The foam pistol is one of the best materials specially manufactured to care for your car. Just put a little foam ..
Violet Chemical Washing Gun Violet Chemical Washing Gun
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Brand: voylet Model: Sabry stores
 Description:Chemical car wash gun..
Voylet Spray Gun H-827 Voylet Spray Gun H-827
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Brand: voylet Model: H-827
Voylet Spray Gun H-827Air Pressure :   30-50 psiCup Capacity :   600 mlNozzle Size :  1.4 mmAir Inlet : 1/4"Condition : NewBrand : VoyletAir Inlet Size (NPT) : 1/4"Color : BlueModel : H827Feed Type : GravityAir Inlet G : 1/4 InchProduct description:Fluid Nozzle(mm)(etc)..
Voylet Spray Gun H2000 Voylet Spray Gun H2000
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Brand: voylet Model: H2000
Voylet Spray Gun H2000Nozzle size : 1.0mm, high atomization with low  air pressure, saves paint and protects the environment, good design of construction. Better than 75% transfer efficiency with less than 10% PSI output pressure , complies with environmental regulations.·Alternative set up ava..
Voylet Spray Gun S-990G Voylet Spray Gun S-990G
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Brand: voylet Model: S-990G
Voylet Spray Gun S-990GDescription: Suitable for use with water based paints.Featuring paint adjustable control, dual action trigger and canister quick release lever.Comes with 1l spun aluminum canister.Air Pressure :   30-50 psiCup Capacity :   600 mlNozzle Size :..
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